Pregnancy after 40? Yes indeed!

August 13, 2019
Artificial ovary could allow women to become mothers after cancer treatment without risk, say scientists
November 8, 2019

My mother was always keep telling me that her biggest dream as a little girl was to become a mom! My mother had her first child, me, at 22. Me? So, as far as I am concerned, playing with dolls was definitely not my thing. In fact, my childhood’s interests and games differed in a great extent from those of the children of my age. I grew up in a home with two working parents and my childhood’s dream when I grow up, unlike my mother’s,  was not to become a mom, but what I always wanted was to become a successful lawyer or a very good entrepreneur, accordingly (Oh yes I did!)!! And while I knew that someday I would definitely want to become a mother, it was not something that was in my immediate plans. I simply wanted to live the experience … without, however, having any idea what this experience would be or look like!

When is the perfect time to have a baby?

Modern women, nowadays, are wondering: When is the right time or age to have a baby? The truth is that you are never ready for a baby until you have it. Being in a place composed of soon to be mommies and women trying to conceive, I would say that no couple/women are ever ready to have a baby. Surely, they may want it … clearly the acquisition of a child may have been a life purpose for them … The truth, however, is that if you do not get that baby in your hands, if it doesn’t come into your life… if it does not exist in your everyday life, you will never understand how much it can change your life … you will never understand how fast it will bring everything upside down in your life and your relationships … you will never understand how vulnerable you will be from now on and how much your new role will change your relationship with the partner of your life!

Having a baby in your life at an older age does not affect your status or role as a mother

Being an older parent is not necessarily something that looks wrong or inappropriate, but instead it may mean that you have stabilized some of the pillars in your life, such as travelling, acquiring a professional career, etc. and you are more mature to face the big changes that were or keep happening in your life! It is a very beautiful thing to shape personality, educate, and grow a child. And of course, the knowledge your experiences have offered to you, provided you are a source of knowledge of the world for your child.

Wisdom, insight and perspective are valuable tools for older parents.

It’s not easy. Sometimes you may feel unhappy while looking back in your life… as your life is now completely different than what it used to be. However, while looking at your child, the joy and the huge amount of love that nest inside you are of inestimable value. You’re a better mom now. But, always, remember … With age comes the ability to appreciate the importance of small things in life and the belief that everything is happening for a reason. And this is something you would not appreciate before…!