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Our core mission is to support couples facing fertility problems worldwide and one of our key values is to make our couples’ lives easier, especially in an era that requires all their energy and time! For us communication is one of the most important qualifications a fertility team should have and in order to make communication accessible to individuals from all walks of life, we support Skype Consultations. The consultation will allow Dr. Fragkoulidis to investigate your situation and provide professional medical advice at your location.
If IVF treatment is required, Dr. Fragkoulidis will work with you to overcome the practical aspects of having treatment as a long distance patient.

How do I schedule a Skype appointment?

  1. You can make an appointment by calling, emailing or sending us an enquiry contact form
  2. Skype consultations are by appointment during clinic hours.
  3. Initial consultation duration is 1 hour
  4. ​Follow up consultations are 10 – 20mins

Which is the consultation fee?

  1. The Initial Consultation fee is 150 euros
  2. Every follow up consultation fee is free

How do I pay?

Full payment of your consultation fee is required prior to your appointment. We accept credit cards (most preferably MasterCard & Visa).

Before our appointment

We will send you an email with the following:

  • Details of the appointment
  • Registration/privacy consent form
  • Health/fertility questionnaire form

Please 2 days before our Skype appointment forward us the completed questionnaire forms and previous reports/results for registration and preparation of your file

In the same email, please provide us with your Skype information (name, e-mail)

What happens on the day of the consultation?

  • Prior to the consultation, we will be contacting you to organize for payment. Your claim will be transmitted to you by E-mail immediately after your consultation.
  • Sign in to Skype 10 minutes before your appointment

Add us to your Skype contact list: Contacts > Add contact. Type  and click “find”


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