Fertility Tourism

People often like to combine their IVF treatment with a holiday. Greece has 50 clinics for IVF treatment and has much to offer including the quality of their facilities, medical specialists, as well as the beautiful and warm environment the country offers.

Greece is an international destination for fertility tourism and Fertility Design stands out proudly for its IVF success rates and assisted reproduction treatments. IVF treatment cost in Greece is lower compared especially to the north Europe, but IVF with us is absolutely negotiable and addresses in the best way to the needs of the couples. Greek legislation supports and encourages most IVF techniques and methods, allowing egg and sperm donation and surrogacy programs. The country is becoming one of the top IVF destinations in Europe from year to year, due to the aforementioned qualities, the strong academic background of their medical professionals, the very low waiting time and cost of therapies, and their extraordinary experience in IVF treatment.

What is more, giving a new perspective and further chances to the couples that need us, we can create together an intriguing package, combining high pregnancy success rates, high quality medical services and, of course, beautiful vacation!


People often like to combine their IVF treatment with a holiday, and, especially, in a country that constitutes one of the most preferable summer destinations worldwide, with daily direct flights from almost all over the world (we shouldn’t forget that holidays make mind and body come to a relaxing synchronization, a situation that indicates really high success results when it comes to embryo implantation)!

How to commute from the Airport to our clinic


  • Suburban Railway from the airport

The Suburban railway departs every 1 hour from the Athens Airport railway station and it takes about 30 minutes to reach your destination. There are two different direction trains you can take through which you can reach our clinic:

  1. Airport to Piraeus (You disembark on “Kifisias” station)
  2. Airport to Ano Liosia (You disembark on “Kifisias” station)



  1. You can buy your ticket in the special designed ticket machines as soon as you arrive in the train area.
  2. The train area is located outside the airport so you have to exit the airport and follow the necessary instructory signs
  3. The cost of the ticket is approximately 8 euros for adults and 4 euros for children


  • Taxi

Taxis are available at the special Taxi waiting area located at Exit 3 at the “Arrivals” Level.

Note: The charge is determined by the time and day of your arrival at your desired destination and it may applies extra charges.


  • Bus

The bus X93 departs every 25 minutes approximately from the airport. Its station is located at Exit 4 at the “Arrivals” Level. The ticket costs 6.00 euros for adults and 3.00 euros for children and you can purchase it in the special designated mini kiosks that are located nearby the bus station. The root of bus X93 is Airport – Stathmos Iperastikon Leoforion Kifisou. However, you disembark on “Kifisias” bus station.  It takes about 30 minutes to reach your destination.

Accommondation close to Fertility Design Clinic


Fertility Design Clinic is located in 17 Vlahernon & Petroutsou street, in Marousi, Athens.
Marousi is a calm, suburban location of Athens, with a beautiful atmosphere and a lot of hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars nearby.
Furthermore, our clinic is:
  • 5 minutes walk from the closest suburban railway station
  • 7 minutes walk from all the bus stations that connect Marousi with the center of Athens
  • 15 minutes walk from the closest train station.
We can always help you find your accommondation and guide you throughout Athens any time you wish so! Just do not hesitate to contact us in such a case!