Sperm Freezing

One of the most important developments in the field of assisted reproduction in the recent years is the possibility of cryopreservation of genetic material. This method enabled both men and women to maintain their fertility safe in time. Sperm freezing and storage is the procedure whereby sperm cells are frozen to preserve them for future use. Usually, there are medical reasons underlining the need for cryopreservation for both men and women. In particular, men whose fertility is threatened by medical (chemotherapy, radiotherapy) or sperm dysfunctional (number less than 5.000.000/ml spermatozoa) reasons, have the ability through this procedure to safely maintain their genetic material in order to use it when they wish so.

What is more, sperm freezing is indicated for men who have decided to undergo a vasectomy or any kind of relevant surgical procedure. The reason for sperm freezing advice before any surgery is due to the fact that doctors worry that the procedure will affect the sperm indicators, especially in terms of number.

In case of low motility or bad morphology, though, the solution is not underlying into the sperm freezing procedure but these kind of pathologies need a different treatment in order to show any enhancement. This treatment encloses a specific medication that will be accompanied by special supplements the doctor will suggest to the man.