Supplements for Fertility

It is of vital importance to improve your chances of conceiving naturally with fertility supplements for women and men. Research shows that certain vitamins, minerals, and herbs can improve fertility in both men and women. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) soft exercise and a balanced nutrition can definitely boost your fertility and at the same time help you release your stress and anxiety; factors so crucial for enhancing your reproductive health!

Some of the supplements that can improve your fertility levels are:

Co-Enzyme Q10

  • Contributes in the energy production
  • Helps for a healthy, long lasting life
  • It reverses the problems appearing due to age and are associated to reproduction factors.
  • It enhances the quality and the fertilization dynamics of the eggs and the sperm


Vitamin B

  • Boosts the woman’s reproduction capability
  • Increases the levels of progesterone; an hormone that is responsible for the preparation of the endometrium in order for conception
  • Enhances the semen’s mobility


Vitamin D

  • Boosts fertility since it balances the hormones production
  • Contributes in the development of healthy, matured eggs
  • Contributes in the development of the uterus


Omega Fatty Acids

  • Increase the blood flow in the uterus
  • Balance the hormones levels



  • Improves sperm’s mobility
  • Boosts the egg’s quality and fertilization dynamics



  • Improves sperm’s mobility, quality in terms of fertilization dynamics
  • Increases the testosterone levels
  • Boosts the sperm’s DNA



  • Boosts the sperm production and mobility
  • It constitutes an arterial dilator resulting in a better erection



  • Supports the immune system
  • Increases the sperm count
  • Improves the sperm’s dynamics
  • Results in a better erection


Nutrition supplements do increase your fertility levels. However, never forget to ask your doctor for advice when it comes to supplementary therapies before or during an assisted reproduction treatment.