The emotional impact of infertility

Images of a child comes always in couples’ mind but especially to those who have difficulties to conceive. Wistful mood dominates when they thinking of babies and unique moments fulfilled with happiness. For some women, motherhood is an important part of their self-image. For others, it’s their highest ambition, their prior goal…their ultimate need. Questions and anxiety start to dominate in their lives, despite doctor’s duty is to provide physical and psychological care with medical attention and support. The causes and effects of infertility, threats couples’ relationship since sometimes they are trying to find the cause and the blame on their partner.

In case of a situation like that, the couple needs support and acquisition of knowledge on why their beloved baby is not coming as well as a productive argumentation/discussion between them in order realize the importance of supporting each other so as to procced together to the next step of creating a family.

On the one hand IVF has evolved and the levels of a successful assisted reproduction treatment have raised, as well as it has been indicated an upward trend to the progress of medical supplies and conditions of embryological lab, the validity and effectiveness of treatment suitable to the corresponding situation of couple. On the other hand the psychological part remains crucial because, usually, it doesn’t develop and confront in the same way. The reason of this problem is the absence of holistic and individualized care that couple feels to be treated, without honesty for their condition and encouraging for the treatment and results.

The doctor should make them feel confident and safety as well as give them the right space and time to inform and explain every step and any difficult decision which may agonize the couple. How to explain and announce the reason of couples’ infertility constitutes a paramount concern. Even though, when the problem has been detected, the couple must be psychologically ready to proceed to the next step, which is treatment. Woman must brace herself with hopefulness and positivity before take the step for IVF.

A positive result after an infertility treatment, it is just a continuation of efforts that lead to the desired path, the acquisition of a child. A negative result of the cure is just a battle loss but not a war…couples become stronger and the solution to the problem can be easier perceivable.

“I am always telling to the couples who are visiting me, that it is more difficult to manage a positive result rather a negative one. This will be understood only the day the positive pregnancy result will come. It is more difficult to manage something that you have since you are constantly afraid that you will lose it, rather than to not have it at all. Don’t forget that IVF has curative and diagnostic features at the same time.”

Difficult decisions constitute those of repeated negative results. Moreover, difficult decision encompasses financial concerns too. Everything depends on the desire and the need of the couple to have a child. As long as menstruation exists, even with the existing failures of a fertility treatment, there must be always hope and faith to continue the efforts until the achievement of the ultimate goal. One way or another if you really want it, you can have a child. The only barrier is the factor of woman’s age that varies. It really worth the attempts and all sacrifices for the most important aim of humanity and an incomparable feeling, that of parenthood.

Enjoy the most beautiful and unique moment of your life, no matter how difficult is the creation of it!