Essential Oils and Fertility

Essential oils are the plants’ natural medicine against bacteria, viruses and diseases that attack the cells. Our bodies and plants have very similar building blocks, so, when we take essential oils into our bodies they are in a familiar environment and they work on our behalf just as they would for the plants – killing bacteria, inhibiting virus reproduction, cleansing toxins, oxygenating our cells and boosting our immune systems. And they don’t just treat symptoms, they work at the root of the problem, at a cellular level.

There are several essential oils that may have fertility boosting qualities like:

  • Geranium: This oil is fantastic for balancing hormones and regulating your cycle. It also has the soothing effect of calming emotions and helping you to distress. For women with endometriosis, Geranium may be especially beneficial.
  • Calendula: Great for topical application blended with a carrier oil such as almond oil, Calendula is an anti-inflammatory oil that may help to regulate your menstrual cycle.
  • German Chamomile: With anti-inflammatory properties, this oil may help reduce pain caused by cysts or fibroids, while also improving your chances of conception.
  • Yarrow: A detoxifying oil, Yarrow helps to relieve pelvic congestion and prevent inflammation. It is also beneficial for the digestive and urinary tracts.
  • Ginger: This oil has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. It also aids in the digestive system and supports healthy circulation.
  • Sweet Fennel: A great herb for getting your hormonal system back on track, sweet fennel is best used during the first part of your cycle to regulate menstruation and improve hormonal functioning. This is another oil that is not safe to use during pregnancy.
  • Damiana: This sweet smelling oil has aphrodisiac qualities and is beneficial for regulating your menstrual cycle by supporting endocrine system function.
  • Lavender: It is generally a great oil since it constitutes a circulatory stimulant, an immune stimulant, balancing for all body systems and is very helpful for mood swings associated with hormonal imbalance. However, do not use this oil during pregnancy, especially if there is a history of miscarriage.

Essential oils can help you relax and through a calm state of your body and your mind, they can increase your pregnancy success rates, since relaxation provides higher chances of a better embryo implantation. However, always ask and get advice from your doctor since he/she is the only one who has a clear view on your medical history and can, surely, guide you more appropriately and efficiently on the best complementary therapies during an assisted reproduction cycle treatment.