IVF for Same Sex – Female Couples

There are two primary treatment options for lesbian couples that would like to have a baby and create in the long term their own special family:


a. Treatment may be as simple as intrauterine insemination (IUI) using an anonymous donor sperm in the one of the two partners.

Necessary prerequisites for intrauterine insemination are:

  • The tubal patency as well as the functionality of the fallopian tubes
  • The sufficient number of the moving sperm in the treated semen.


The Intrauterine Insemination process can be implemented in two ways:

  • Following the woman’s natural cycle, where a follicle is released from the ovary every month
  • With mild hormonal stimulation to produce more follicles, in order to increase the chances of fertilization


b. For women with limited ovarian reserve, tubal, or pelvic factors, in vitro fertilization (IVF) may provide the best chance for pregnancy. The one partner will go under a specific treatment Protocol in order for a satisfying number of follicles to grow and proceed with the egg collection, the fertilization of the eggs with the donor’s sperm and the final stage which is the embryo-transfer into the one of the partners’ uterus.


Furthermore, one more way for lesbian couples to create their own family, is a potential surrogacy program, where the fertilized eggs of the female couple will be transferred into another (surrogate) woman’s uterus and she will onwards carry the baby. This is the case where none of the couple can carry a child and it requires a whole different confrontation in order for the smooth completion of the treatment.

In our clinic, Fertility Design, we undergo all the aforementioned treatments for same sex – female – couples. Our mission is to create new, beautiful families and our vision to make people happy and satisfied… and happiness is only a step far away from you! Give us the chance today and let us help you come a step closer to your dreams!