Christina & Jared

My husband and I decided to go through IVF to have a baby because he had a vasectomy in the past which prevents us to conceive naturally. We had a consultation via Skype with Dr. Fragkoulidis since we live in the States and we felt very confident and comfortable to go ahead with the procedure. We were amazed with the constant communication we retained throughout the process, even though we were in separate continents. Dr. Fragkoulidis and the staff were very helpful, answered all of our questions and made us feel safe to make the trip to Greece and start the treatment. It was an experience we will never forget, we became very close and we felt that they truly cared and were with us the whole time. We were all thrilled when our IVF was successful and even though we returned to the States we continue to stay in touch and they are still answering any questions we may have.

Tatiana & Victor

To our savior... We are deeply thankful to Mr. M.Fragkoulidis , for all the support and care for all the happiness that came in our life after many years ... our baby, we can't express the feelings we had that day when we found out the result.. All that you did is a miracle..  

Kostas & Alexia

I would like to thank you from the depths of my heart for all you did for me! You gave me hope when i had lost faith and eventually we made it! I have in my arms my beloved babies! 
Thank you for being by my side whenever i needed you the most and especially thank you for being close to me during my difficult pregnancy. 
We deeply thank you for the happiness you offered us! 
We alway think about you with a lot of love! 

Marko & Ana Stanelkovic

“Dear Dr. Fragkoulidis,

Just a short note to say that Ana gave birth to Maximilian Paul, a healthy blonde boy at 14 of November 2006 at the Chelsea and Westminster. We would like to thank all the staff and particularly Dr. Fragkoulidis for helping us to achieve something which for a long time we did not think would be possible and has been…and this is a great source of joy for a long time despite the sleepless nights!

With all good wishes,

Marko & Ana Stanelkovic

Nicolette David

“Dear Dr. Fragkoulidis,

Thank you so much for your kind treatment and advice. I am very grateful for the way you explained everything to me and you made it much easier for me to make my decision to have treatment.

I wish you lots of happiness with your life in Greece.

With warmest wishes,

Nicolette David


“Dear Dr. Michali,

Warm greetings. I cannot but express myself, my love and gratitude and sincere thank in this letter. Seldom you find a doctor or person who cares for others and his patients. I and Viviana really believe that we have found a true angel in you and we are really lucky to have met you.

Through the last months you have been a source of inspiration for both of us. Like a true and genuine person you have guided us both in times of anxiety and joy as well. I personally believe that I was lucky meeting you. You have taken so good care of both of us that I feel my confident to leave Viviana in your capable hands. Some people say “in God we trust”. For us you have been that angel whom we can trust. Once again, thank you so much about everything. I wish you every success in your work and pray to God to make your wishes come true. Hope to see you soon and leaving my dear heart Viviana with you.

Your new friend,


Alan, Macklin, & Lisa Deadman

Dear Dr. Fragkoulidis,

Thank you all very much for your kind help and support through our treatment. You have made our dreams come true and we cannot thank you enough for everything you have done.

Love from

Alan, Macklin, & Lisa Deadman”

Karen & Tony kay

“Dear Dr. Fragkoulidis,

Just a note to thank you for helping us achieve our second little miracle Lauren Grace born on 02/05/2007. Alex and Lauren have made our lives so happy and we thank you so much for all you have done.”

Karen & Tony kay

Irta & Erigels

Feeling blessed because of you! You gave us a miracle!  👶🏼🎀 Kisses and hugs from three of us!


The joy in my friends eyes after a long awaited journey to finally holding her baby speaks for itself 👶🏼🎀🍭💖 I hope that other couples who have and are facing similar struggles can experience the same results by Michalis Fragkoulidis and his team of experts

Muriel and Pau

Dear Dr. Fragkoulidis, We wanted to thank you so much for your help, advices and very valuable support during the process of our pregnancy attempt. You were very supportive and the time you took to answer all our questions and years have been extremely valuable. The pregnancy at his month 3 stage is sailing along! Grate fully,  

An emotional letter… Although I have helped many women, so far, to conceive and give birth to their own child, only few of them have demonstrated such a behavior... a behavior that really moved me! This is the emotional letter of a woman while she tries to express her feelings towards another woman who donated some of her oocytes to her and gave her the chance to make her dreams come true... gave her the chance of creating a family! This letter constitutes an action that, certainly, many people have thought of, but only few of them have made real. A really huge Well Done to this woman! You have to read it! Trust me!   “My dear beloved one, There are no words that can describe my feelings for you (although I have never met you). There are no words to describe how much I thank you for all you have done for me and for the kindness you showed me (although you have never met me). There are no words to describe my gratitude for the gift you gave to me and my husband… The greatest gift of all… the gift of a family!! The most beautiful gift for our future… a new life!! I know that this gift… your gift… is the most valuable treasure I have or I will ever get in my life! I will never forget you and your huge offer to me…From now on, I will never stop praying for your health and happiness. I hope and wish that your generosity towards me will be rewarded in your life because you deserve it… you deserve all the goods of this life and I really pray that you will find them soon or later.   With the greatest love, 01/2017”

R Ottah

Dear Dr Fragkoulidis, I am very grateful for your encouragements and support during my time with the clinic, your words of encouragement gave me hope and assured me during my doubting days after two tries with my desire to conceive. I was so please and had confidence in you that I decided to wait for your return over the Christmas festive period as you made me believe and have hope. Words cannot express the joy I have inside, I am now four and half months pregnant and tis was confirmed the Friday the 8th of June. I would have written earlier but I was ensure of my weeks as I would like you to know my progress, I heeded to your advice to take things easy and got my husband to assist in all the heavy shopping and task I would normally have undertaken, I have passed through the rough sickness stages now taking things easy. I will keep in touch and come over to see you soon to thank you for all that you have done for me. May the good lord continue to keep you and meet you at the point of all your needs.  God bless the day I met you. Keep up the good work in assisting others like me. Whatever you touch will be blessed. Yours sincerely,


Dear Dr Fragkoulidis, I am really thankful for this jewel, called Sandra, whom hopes to have soon a little brother…! Thank you very much!  

Dimitris – Olga and their kids

Our dearest doctor, 2015… a year chronicle for our lives! A tough year for us that with your help it got reversed into a year full of happy and beautiful moments! We are so grateful to you for all the help, patience and kindness you showed us! You made our problem your problem…and eventually you managed to find solutions! We will never forget you and we will always be more than thankful for what you offered us! We wish you all the best… Health, strong mindfulness and belief so as you keep on giving hope and sharing smiles to couples that really need it! With love,

Marko and Ana

Dear all, Just a short note to say that Ana gave birth to Maximilian Paul, a healthy blonde boy at the 14th of November 2006.  We would like to thank all the staff but particularly Mr. Fragkoulidis for helping us to achieve something which for a long time we did not think would be possible. And this is a great source of joy for a long time to come - even with the sleepless nights. With all good wishes,

Ben and Emma

Dear Dr Fragkoulidis, We are delighted to let you know that the 2 embryos you transferred for us in March are now 2 healthy 14 weeks old babies. This is a dream comes true for us and we would like to sincerely thank you for all your help and kindness while we were under your care. We will certainly keep you updated with our progress. King regards,

Diane, Rick, Samuel and Eliot 

Dear Dr Michail, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your care and our beautiful baby. We are so very very happy and we feel truly blessed. If you could give us an email address we would love to keep you updated on his progress. Thank you so much once again. All our love,

Caroline – Dave and baby bump

Dear Michail, Thank you so much for all your help, guidance and great advice over the last two years in helping us conceive our 2nd child. We can’t believe the baby is due on Christmas day, which will be the most precious, priceless gift anyone could ever give us.  We were both sad yesterday, to hear that you are leaving LFC and going back to Greece. It will be a huge loss to the clinic as your patient care is second to none and you cannot be replaced easily. We wish you all the very best back in Greece with your family and we are sure that you will be successful wherever you work. We have put our contact details as it would be great to keep in touch with you and let you know our progress throughout the year. King regards,