Fertility Design – IVF with us

“We give priority to your needs, but, most of all, to your desires!”

The gynecology and reproduction center Fertility Design was created with the goal to provide top services in the field of gynecology as well as the field of Assisted Reproduction, with a detailed control of male and female infertility.

Fertility Design is a clinic whose aim is the personal and personalized treatment of couples that have infertility issues. We know how to offer a human approach and we focus on your problem. we offer counseling, top medical care as well as choices to each individual couple, focusing on its needs and taking into account its history but also respecting its individual and special personality so as to move forward with approaching the problem in the best, calmest, smoothest and most painless way possible.

“Moreover, we pay special care to the emotional/mental health of the couple”.

Mr. Fragkoulidis is a London Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists certified doctor on family planning and reproductive age hygiene. Moreover, he specializes in investigating and dealing with female and male infertility and can also treat them through Laparoscopy-Hysteroscopy.

Our clinic guarantees high success percentages as well as medical-human service as we investigate in depth each infertility case individually, especially when it needs to be dealt with methods of assisted reproduction. Our goal and vision is to offer the best possible treatment and outcome in the future and, of course, in a short time.

“Your time is valuable to us as well”

We live together the tension of your effort and we stand by you, not only in the happy times, but also in the difficult ones that may come.

Your effort is our effort as well and your success is also ours. We work together with you so as your experience can be as beautiful as possible with the goal to create not only a new life but also a sweet memory from the path we took together.

“We are focused on our goal and we work with passion!”


– Pre-genetic consultation before becoming a parent,

– Methods for enhancing natural conception – sperm/oocyte boosting

– Information on the prevention and precaution of infertility-causing diseases

– Investigation of factors that can be responsible for infertility

– Investigation of factors accused for recurrent miscarriages

– Diagnosis and treatment of male/female infertility – pathological spermdiagrams

– Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) with ovarian stimulation or in a natural cycle

– In Vitro Fertilization

– Egg donation

– Egg freezing

– Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD/PGS)

– Surrogacy

– Endoscopic Surgery (Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy)

– Testicular Biopsy (PESA-TESA)

– Obstetrics/Gynecology


“We love what we do and we try to do it well!”