The Team

Dr. Karageorgos Georgios *External Partner

Gynecologist – Specialist in breast disorders In charge of the Breast Department


Doctor Georgios Karageorgos studied at the Medical School of the University of Patra, where after his studies he received the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University Gynecology Clinic of the University Hospital in Patra. He specialized in Gynecological Endoscopy (Laparoscopy-Hysteroscopy) at St. Antonius Hospital in Kleve, Germany and worked at the Breast Center of the same hospital. He is also a member of the Greek Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a certified physician in the management and treatment of obstetric emergencies from the International Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) seminar since 2008 and a trainer of the Greek Obstetrician Emergency Program (ALSO) since 2009 as well as he has transferred his knowledge and experience to many younger colleagues. From 2013 he works as a scientific associate of the IASO Breast Center, under the direction of Prof. Ant. Keramopoulos (Certified Breast Centers Network). Mr. Karageorgos became a member of our team to respond to the need for breast examination in our clinic for all women who either are going to undergo an assisted reproduction treatment or face any other breast problems.

Volitaki Anna



Volitaki Anna has studied Obstetrics at the Technological Institute of Athens. She has worked in a well-known private maternity hospital in Athens, gaining a remarkable experience in both obstetrics and nursing as well as breastfeeding. In cooperation and under the full guidance of Dr. Fragkoulidis, she informs women about all fertility treatments, examinations, surgeries and their preparation, as well as she is responsible for pregnancy monitoring and delivers personalized parenting training courses. Anna communicates with couples from the first infertility / gynecology / pregnancy appointment and prepares their appointment according to their needs and their medical history, always under the guidance of Dr. Fragkoulidis.

Katerina Morfi

MSc in Business Administration Communications Director – IVF Coordinator


Katerina Morfi successfully completed her studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens on Social and Human Sciences. She followed her Master in Business Administration (MSc) with specialization in Corporate Management and Human Resources Management from Malmo University of Sweden.

Katerina is responsible for the communication department and public relations of Dr. Fragkoulidis, as well as she in charge of the management of our Social Media and Marketing Department. She is close to couples facing fertility problems after the great experience she gained being an associate with Dr. Fragkoulidis, she knows very well the fertility issue as well as its legal status, and she has the highest supervision on all bureaucratical and legal matters. She communicates with the couples throughout the duration of their sessions and under the guidance of Dr. Fragkoulidis she offers supportive counseling based on the needs and desires of each couple as hers and the whole team’s priority is the personalized treatment of its couple.