Boost your fertility today

The approach to the natural view of fertility has given through time high recognition, since it constitutes a multifactorial phenomenon. A Study accomplished from the University of Surrey showed that couples with inherited infertility, who changed radically their life style by making healthier adjustments into their dietary and taking nutrition supplements, had a pregnancy success rate of 80% since they enchanted their fertility levels. Considering that the pregnancy successful rates of IVF is about 25%, you should definitely take into consideration the aforementioned dietary parameters.

The nature itself is able to provide the appropriate care that is dependent on the individualized needs. Remember that the immature oocytes need three months to get matured and then ovulation occurs by the releasing of the egg from the ovaries. What is more, the sperm needs 3 months to grow.  This means that during the time you are trying to improve your fertility, you should have a period of three months before conception. This procedure is called “pre-conception care” and it is equally important to provide this care to yourself during this period, as well as pregnancy. If it has to do with the option of IVF or other assisted reproductive progress, the following parameters are the key for boosting your fertility:


  1. Healthy and balanced nutrition

Although a balanced nutrition is of vital importance in order for a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby, many people are unaware that diet can help balance the hormones and therefore the couple’s ability to conceive.


  1. Alcohol

Alcohol affects both, you and your partner. In fact, drinking alcohol can reduce your fertility levels. The more alcohol the couple consume, the hardest for them it is to conceive. A study showed that women who drank less than 5 units of alcohol per week (equal to five glasses of wine), resulted in having twice the chance of becoming pregnant within six months compared to those who consumed more amount of alcohol. Research has, also, shown that drinking alcohol causes a reduction not only in the number of sperm cells but also in their mobility. Alcohol also inhibits the absorption of nutrients in the organism, such as zinc, which is one of the most important minerals for male fertility. Despite the fact that it may be harsh for you, you should eliminate alcohol from your diet for at least three months so as to provide to you and your partner higher chances for conceiving.


  1. Caffeine

There is a lot of evidence that caffeine, especially in the form of coffee, reduces fertility. Drinking just one cup of coffee during the day can halve the chances of conceiving and just two cups a day even increase the risk of miscarriage. A study has shown that sperm problems in sperm count, mobility and abnormalities may increase due to great amount of coffee consumed on a daily basis.

Therefore, it is important to eliminate all caffeinated foods  for at least three months before attempting to conceive, including Coca Cola, Chocolate, Black Tea and Coffee, among others.


  1. Xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens are a type of xenohormone that imitates estrogen. Xenoestrogens are essential environmental estrogens, derived from pesticides and the plastics industry. When you are trying to conceive, one of the most important thing to do is to balance your hormones. It is extremely important to avoid anything that could cause an imbalance, and one of the main “enemies’’ are the aforementioned xenoestrogens. One of the best ways to reduce xenoestrogens is to eat as many organic products as possible on a daily basis.


  1. Smoking

Smoking has been significantly associated with infertility in women the last years, as well as it is accused for the reductive levels on male infertility. It is a causal factor for increasing the chances for premature menopause in women, but also to reduce the number of sperm in men, making sperm slower and increasing the number of abnormal sperm.


  1. Daily exercise

Researches have shown that women who exercise daily increase their chances of conceiving. A light daily exercise makes the woman more affluent, healthy and fertile. Thus the chances for infertility are significantly reducing.


  1. Increase in fiber and iron intake

According to researchers of Harvard University, a diet enriched with fiber and iron components, enhances good reproductive function and increases the fertility levels in the couple.

However, do not delay your chance to the journey of pregnancy! Month by month and year by year the quality of the eggs differ, making the fulfillment of conception more and more difficult. Age scaling plays a crucial role in a woman’s fertility. Do not neglect such an important factor as fertility, since nothing else will fulfill you more than that with dreams, joy, love and complete the last piece of puzzle flowing happiness in your family.