IVF with us

We pay special attention to properly and fully inform the people visits us, as well as to investigate all of the factors that may be responsible for their problem so as to program together the treatment, giving a solution to previous failed attempts and giving them again hope and the right to dream.

Our priority is your desire for a successful attempt, which will be tailored to your needs and feasible with the lowest physical and financial cost. We fully understand the time we live in and we are by your side at any given moment.

Our high success rates and our human way of working and approaching you makes us unique.

Each couple will experience with us a personalized treatment with psychological support throughout its effort.


“Choices and not luck define our lives.”

The gynecology and reproduction center Fertility Design was created with the goal to provide top services in the field of gynecology as well as the field of Assisted Reproduction, with a detailed control of male and female infertility.

Fertility Design is a clinic whose aim is the personal and personalized treatment of couples that have infertility issues. We know how to offer a human approach and we focus on your problem. we offer counseling, top medical care as well as choices to each individual couple, focusing on its needs and taking into account its history but also respecting its individual and special personality so as to move forward with approaching the problem in the best, calmest, smoothest and most painless way possible.


“Your time is valuable to us as well”