Summer holidays: Dealing with your period

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You have decided at last for your summer vacation, but in those days you are afraid that your period will probably come. Every summer, all woman wonder the same questions “Should I get some days off after or before my period?” “And if it is late?” “How can I delay my period?” “Is it safe to try to delay my period?” A plethora of questions that flood the minds of every woman just before their summer holidays. However, you should not be anxious in managing your menstrual cycle, as a guidance from your gynecologist can be really useful at this point in order to delay it for a few days your period and enjoy holidays without stress.

Medically documented there are two basic ways of avoiding the bleeding days during your holiday. The first method of delaying the period is the Contraceptive Pill. The Contraceptive pill will help you manage your menstrual cycle, delay the upcoming bleeding, and enjoy your vacation, always following advice, instructions and prescription from your physician. The contraceptive pill contains female synthetic hormones with a combination of estrogen and progesterone, thereby inhibiting the endogenous natural hormone production mechanism, which has the effect of inhibiting ovulation, regulating your period, and thus not only contraception but also avoiding menstruation at a time you want (such a period is your summer vacation). Therefore, if you want to avoid your period on your holiday, it is advisable to inform your gynecologist ideally from your previous menstrual period so that you can immediately start the Pill. Peptide initiation is signaled on the 4th to 5th day of your cycle (the first day of your cycle is considered to be the day when you see red blood) and it is taken without interruption until the end of your vacation (if you naturally complete the contraceptive tab). As soon as you stop receiving it, your period will appear 2-3 days later.

The second way of avoiding a period during the summer months is taking a hormone called Progesterone. Progesterone, when at high levels in your body, does not allow the period to appear, as for menstruation, the hormone should be at a lower level. Progesterone is started on the 15th day of your cycle – following your doctor’s instructions, as each cycle and body is different – and you can take it without interruption until the end of your vacation. As soon as you stop receiving it, your period will appear 2-3 days later.

Do not forget … you can always control your life, yourself and your circle, under the right guidance and support. Ask your medical practitioner for advice today before preparing your suitcases and control your cycle for the most carefree and tranquil vacation you could offer yourself.

However, remember…. Even if you get your period during your summer holidays, it is not the end of the world! There are always safe ways to enjoy your holiday even with a period. For more information and answers on any of your gynecological questions, you can always contact us at +30 210 6895001, daily and we will be more than glad to help!